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Cookies Directions

  • Open up a webpage (does not matter what page)
  • Click on the 'Tools' option on your menu bar at the top of the screen
  • Scroll down and click on 'internet options'
  • When the box appears, click on the 'privacy' tab
  • Click the 'sites' button
  • Type in 'www.edocamerica.com' in the 'address of website' bar
  • Click the 'allow' button
  • Click 'ok'
  • Click 'ok' again
  • Go to www.edocamerica.com and proceed with registration or login

What is a Cookie?
A cookie is a small amount of information that is sent to your web browser from our web server. Cookies can't contain programs or viruses, and can't be longer than 4,000 characters.

Why does eDocAmerica use Cookies?
We only use cookies to help identify you to our system. Cookies help us keep track of information such as your name and address, etc., as you complete your registration.

What about Security?
A cookie cannot be used to extract data from your system without your knowing about it. In fact, cookies do not extract any information at all. When a cookie is "set", your browser checks it for length, an expiration date, and the server from which it came. This server checking means that only eDocAmerica can access your eDocAmerica cookie.

For more information on cookies, visit the Cookies Central FAQ.

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